Our entire life is worship to God. It’s not just a 30-minute song set, but the heartbeat of God for all of life. Worship begins, ends, and exists through what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. The message here is about that love, and how that love transforms a life. Our lives.

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Has anyone ever said that to you?

What about the following other statements?

“You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.”

“You can never take a joke.”

“You’re so analytical.”

“You’re blowing this way out of proportion.”

I could go on, but I’m willing to bet that you said YES! at the very first statement.  If these statements validate your reality as it pertains to the statements you’ve heard coming from friends or family about YOU, then welcome to the world of sensitivity. And I’m here to tell you…you are not alone!


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With the entire world knee-deep inside this coronavirus pandemic, every household is feeling the impact from school closing to job loss, etc. It’s hard when you’re in the forest to see the trees or even begin to decipher what’s truly happening. Today, in a random, inspiring talk, I delve into some scripture to show you that seeking God’s perspective in any situation you face will instantly bring you peace beyond human understanding and you’ll be able to receive God’s instruction for how to walk it out to victory!



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Nuggets from the Word of God to encourage and inspire you to walk closer and dive deeper into the beautiful love of God!


Do you long to be known? But hide or minimize yourself because of shame? Or maybe you’ve made some heartwrenching mistakes and are finding it hard to forgive yourself or re-engage your life.

Hiding is a dark, damp place. Filled with nothing but regret, self-abasement, and loneliness. It’s not the life God’s called us to live! God’s called us to step out in all the glory He’s created us to be and shine, in spite of our past mistakes or wounds.


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