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Are you confused about what Worship is or isn't? Do you struggle to maintain a life of worship?  Worship is the heartbeat of God for all of life. It's not a song, or a prayer but about living a life that ascribles worth to the Creator and Savior. This website is about worship, life, love and what it's like being conformed into the image of Jesus. It's about love that is inconcievable that can change a heart and life. 

If this is your first time here, I invite you to look around. I pray you find encouragement and hope!

The Worship Life Blog/Podcast

The Worship Life is a Blog and Podcast that probes all things worship. Not just music but our life and walk with God. The good, bad, and ugly. To ask questions, start conversations, and inspire you to take a closer look into the love of God and live a life of surrender to that love. The Worship Life is the heartbeat of God for all of life!





UNCHAINED TONGUES  is poetry that gives voice to stories that have long been silent. To give dignity to suffering and pain, declare hope in captivity, and celebrating the resilient soul! To honor the sacred. To validate the truth. To release the cry of the wounded heart and find healing in brokenness.

I embarked on a healing journey that provoked some very personal writing. It was therapy to take decades of chained up experiences and emotions and give voice to them. It was terrifying and freeing at the same time. I came to understand myself and suffering in a deeper more authentic way and was able to process the life experiences that had caused me so much pain into a testimony of resilience and redemption.

Poems that began as a journey of healing have since become the stories and sounds of my life and longings. I’ve also discovered along the way, they validate a lot of life for others who read them as well. Maybe they’ll inspire you to tell your story too.

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VIDEOS to encourage and inspire you to walk closer and dive deeper in your relationship with God. Plus MUSIC!!!




Do you long to be known? But hide or minimize yourself because of shame? Or maybe you’ve made some heartwrenching mistakes and are finding it hard to forgive yourself or re-engage your life.

Hiding is a dark, damp place. Filled with nothing but regret, self-abasement, and loneliness. It’s not the life God’s called us to live! God’s called us to step out in all the glory He’s created us to be and shine, in spite of our past mistakes or wounds.


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