The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

cutcaster-photo-100884540-word-nurtureAll my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.

It is a longing so intense, it is almost impossible to suppress and much to my determination to balance it, “pow!” there it is, in all it’s desperate glory! I say “suffer” because the longing is so deep that to leave it unfulfilled is, indeed, a form of suffering.


This is the most amazing message I have ever seen a company champion. It is changing the worldview about girls, the way we think about ourselves and the way culture thinks about what it means to be “female”.  Millions have viewed it on you tube. Won’t you add to that number? You ought to check it out if you are a girl or a guy! Hopefully it will change you too. Take a look!


If You Don’t Plant, You Can’t Reap a Harvest

hands-with-plant-2What is it about our nature that wants it ALL and wants it all NOW? We know full well that it’s not possible but that doesn’t stop us from trying to attain it. Take any situation, whether it’s getting out of debt, losing weight, getting fit, learning something new. We don’t want to go thru the process we just want to be there. If we don’t see results quick we are tempted to give up and throw in the towel.