Be Brave, Bilbo

Pensive Ponderings


Every day we live is a page of the story of our epic adventure into life. We are protagonists moving forward into some glory or peril. This may sound over-the-top, but it’s true. We’re all Bilbo Baggins on some stage of the journey. Some of us have yet to be made uncomfortable by disrespectful dwarves and cunning wizards. Some of us are being enchanted by the song of long forgotten gold. Some of us are running out the door without our hats. And some of us are discovering we can be brave like we’ve never been before.

A great many of us get stuck before we ever hit the adventure. We’re smoking our pipes on our doorsteps, expecting nothing and pursuing nothing. We have no drive. We have not purpose. We have no forward motion. A lot of us are fine with that, but a few are becoming restless, and…

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Written by Crisie Hutchings

I've committed my life to serve Jesus Christ and His Church. My passion is to see people rescued and brought into life and to serve them in music and communication of God's Word. I do that through every venue available from this blog to podcasts and videos. My hope is that you are encouraged, provoked and somehow healed and inspired through what you experience here on this website. It is my privilege to oversee the worship ministry at Covenant Love Church in Fayetteville, NC. My husband, John, and I do life with three adult children and their families and a beagle named Buddy!

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