Kids say the darndest things…..

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tumblr_mkjizoCkgt1s4blkro1_500[1]I was inspired by a blogger to include some humor in my blogs so here goes…

My grandson, Trey, who is now 16 was about 6 at the time of this really funny moment:

We were talking about grannies and how they are supposed to be old and wrinkled up (no offense to those who are). I was relatively young at the time, 44, which is young for a granny, still I love every minute of my granny-ness :)!

I was playing around and folded up my lips, pretending to be toothless, and in my most granny voice said “Come on shweetie, give me kish” at the same time grabbing him to kiss him.

Without a glitch he commented, “It’s ok meema, you’re not an old granny, you just look like one!”


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