“Thy Kingdom Come!”

God is returning community to ministry. The way it began in the book of Acts in the Bible. Actually, in Genesis. If you look at it, God always began with an individual or a family; Abraham, Noah. A community of people or person who loved and served Him. With these, He would change the world!

Transition….It’s Not Just a Stage of Labor…It’s a Stage of Life!


It’s one of the most painful parts of labor and delivery when giving birth. And I know from experience because I’ve done it twice! Any mother knows, it is the most painful but also the most productive of the labor process. You gain new focus, a new resolve to get busy with the process of birth itself. You are closer now to the reward of childbearing that ever before. And that reward is holding that beautiful baby in your arms!!Mom-holding-her-baby-to-help-it-stop-crying