Month: December 2015

Jesus is Not Religion| He is Emmanuel….God With Us!!!

In this video I will share some thoughts on what I call the Christmas wars and encourage us not to lose the meaning of the weight of words that mean LIFE to us. It's time to celebrate Christmas again!!!!  


Settling the “Christmas” Issue

Ok....I have a pet peeve and here it is: We are deep in the Christmas season with only two more weeks until the big day and that media posts about saying "Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays" and taking "Christ" out of Christmas, etc.  And although I get the motivation behind the posts, I do not stand in defense of them ...

What Makes You Hide?

What makes you turn and go the other way? Covering your face so the world won't recognize that it's you. Maybe if you close your eyes, they won't see you. That way you won't owe anyone anything? What makes you hide? Is it your clumsy way of living? Your lazy ways or sharp eyes? Is ...