The Church is Alive & Well!

My hope was renewed today as I looked out over a congregation of believers from the choir loft! “What Love is This”, by Kari Jobe had just been ministered by our Performing Arts department and I’d venture to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including mine. I pondered the morning’s events in my heart. This was my first time singing in choir in over two years. My body was racked with pain as I debated staying home. I had even texted our Worship Ministry leaders to let them know I was not going to make it.

Do you have a “True North” and What is it?

Faith shapes us all. Whether we believe in the existence of God or not, we still have beliefs or personal creeds we live by. And those beliefs shape our lives. They motivate our behavior, the dreams we dream and ultimately the lives we live. Personal beliefs come from our culture, the environments we are raised in and life experiences and when these are our sources, those beliefs can change with each experience or shift in cultural influences.

What we believe and the values we hold is the compass that guides our lives; and when we don’t have an internal compass we look to the culture, our experiences and the opinions of others to become that compass because we don’t possess a “true north” within ourselves.

Identity in Christ; It’s More Than Security, It’s Ownership!

Why do we allow what has happened to us to become our identity? We drown in the failure of others to affirm or love us as we constantly struggle with the truth that we are loved and accepted by God. Unable to assimilate that His approval is the only approval that matters.

We let our past, our failures and mistakes dictate our present and future and they drown out the voice of our Father who has called us His, called us Separate, called us Out!

Why do we still struggle with our identity when the truth of His Word is constantly available to us???? Why do  we still fail to hear our Father’s affirmation?