When Men Despise Your Worship

d3d45f5874282946e7222ba0a8e66897The anointing at Bethany.

Many believe the woman who entered the room was Mary, the sister of Lazarus. The account in John 12 identifies her as such. The other Gospel accounts don’t mention her name and it says they were at the home of Simon the leper. Details for a scholar most likely, but our focus is not the who or the where but the what.

What Will “They” Say About You When You’re Gone and Why it Matters

I received a phone call in early September that after 10 years of fighting brain cancer, my sister, Teresa had passed away. 564700_401085669903779_1135600353_nHer journey over the last few years had been especially challenging and I hated that I lived so far away from her. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and her immediate family, especially. They are dear and experiencing a tremendous loss and time right now.  Thanks for all your love and prayers.

Where is Worship in the Midst of Trials?

Never is the heart and soul of our worship more challenged than when we are in the middle of trials and tribulations. When all hell is breaking loose in our lives and we are surrounded with chaos, the hit to our relationship with God can be significant. But this doesn’t have to be if we keep ourselves abiding in the Word and in  fellowship with God.