Remembering Good Friday/ Special Music

On this beautiful GOOD FRIDAY, as we remember the stunning demonstration of God’s love in the death of His Son on the cross, I want to share a video I created years ago from a song I wrote called MERCY that was ministered and recorded during a Communion Service at Covenant Love Church. I cry every time I hear this song because it reminds me of the mercy that I need desperately every day that He poured out in the demonstration of His great love by the Cross of Christ. NOTE: The recording is from a front of house board mix so you’ll need to listen to w/ earphones or on a desktop to get the best audio. I can’t say enough about the love of God. His passion and depth of His desire for us. This song is the best way to express it for me. Be blessed and share, share, share!!!


Thanks to the Covenant Love band and choir for sharing it with me more than five years ago and for the special string section of kimquartet Hamin Kim Amy Hajung Kim Helen Haeun Kim Hana Kim

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