I was born in Maryland and transitioned to Kentucky as a child. My father served in the military for 22 years and so we took up residence, ultimately at Fort Bragg, NC for most of my childhood. I am one of five sisters, two of which graduated to heaven within the last seven years.

I married at a young age and still love life with my husband of almost 38 years and our three grown children, college bound grandson, son-in-law and our beloved beagle, Buddy.

From the young age of 14, I learned to play the guitar by ear and from other musicians, and throughout the years, grew in my musicianship and songwriting. I devoted the last 25 years of my life serving the local church with my heart and my music. My husband and I moved, for a short time, to California where we got involved in serving the church. I served in worship with children and adults in the 80’s and my husband in the youth prison in our area there. I recorded my first album of original music on a four-track recorder in an empty warehouse, which was on cassette tape :), which no one will ever be able to find that recording, ever!

We then moved back to North Carolina and I began leading children in worship from 1996- 1998 and then adults in choir, band, praise teams from 1998- 2004 and then ultimately, directing the worship ministry of Covenant Love Church from 2004-2013.

During my time as director, together with our team, we wrote and produced several songs that were used in our services and recorded on three live albums with an incredible production team. I developed and instructed the worship track of the College of Christian Ministries at the church, helping to develop worshipers and those called to full time ministry. Morning chapel was foundational in the lives of students and I was privileged to lead worship in chapel on numerous occasions with the students.

In 2013 I transitioned out of the Worship Ministry to rest and seek the Lord and His direction for my life and family, as I was also dealing with some health issues.

Today, I continue to minister in the church’s Women’s ministry worship and lead the annual F2F Regional Women’s Conference Night of Worship at Covenant Love Church which I’ve done since 2008.

Music has been the central recurring theme of my life, my heart, along with ministering the Word of God and inspiring the masses.  I pursue God for His direction in that ministry with our team, continuing to lead worship periodically at my church, in conferences and women’s events. I am especially fond of singing in coffee shops, intimate gatherings and all venues where my music is welcomed.

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