I’ve served in Worship Ministry all of my adult life with 24 years of that spent at Covenant Love Church, under the covering of Pastor Al and Tava Brice with great mentors Pastors Scott and Kristi Schatzline who helped build the foundation of worship in my life on and off the platform while they served as our Worship Pastors.

Serving as choir member, band member, praise team, worship leading and worship director has broadened my perspective and experience to be able to lead the team at Covenant Love Church, where I served as Worship Director from 2004-2014 and after a time of rest and recovery from physical issues, have since returned to that role of service along with our Worship Pastor. Our mission is to leave a legacy of worship that lives beyond our current team and into the future of the church.

I have a heart for Jesus, plain and simple. He saved me and raised me from a life of trauma and shame to freedom, so my call is that all my life and every resource God’s blessed me with would honor Him and give Him glory!

I have a heart to see people live in the freedom and life Jesus died to give us, which only comes in relationship and communion with Him. THAT is my passion, to see hearts united with the Father and living a life of worship that honors and exalts Him and to live that life myself.

The call on my life to serve in music, songwriting and writing is one I pursue passionately as a mandate from God. Not passively and unsure, but bold, without apology and helping others to do the same with the purpose He’s put in them.

My heart is to serve the Lord wholeheartedly, love His people well and declare The Savior to the world He loves!

I share life with my husband, John, of 38 years, our three adult children and their families and a dog named Buddy!

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