What Will “They” Say About You When You’re Gone and Why it Matters

I received a phone call in early September that after 10 years of fighting brain cancer, my sister, Teresa had passed away. 564700_401085669903779_1135600353_nHer journey over the last few years had been especially challenging and I hated that I lived so far away from her. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and her immediate family, especially. They are dear and experiencing a tremendous loss and time right now.  Thanks for all your love and prayers.

An Intimate Moment of the Heart on Mother’s Day!!!!

From day one of our consciousness, we begin building a life of certainty. A life where we call all the shots, and if we are good and careful and even smart enough, things work out exactly how we plan. And, for the most part, our childish minds can build that sort of life, even if we don’t live that reality. Our imaginations can compensate for a lot at that age, not to mention, the way our psyche is wired by God for survival, most times we get through.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…….a Lesson in Mothering

I have many things to be grateful for and of the lot, is the triumph that I raised three children; a daughter and twin sons. They are now grown with lives of their own, in which they are doing quite well.  From the bounty of their relationships, I also cherish a son in law and grandson!

“Thy Kingdom Come!”

God is returning community to ministry. The way it began in the book of Acts in the Bible. Actually, in Genesis. If you look at it, God always began with an individual or a family; Abraham, Noah. A community of people or person who loved and served Him. With these, He would change the world!

Transition….It’s Not Just a Stage of Labor…It’s a Stage of Life!


It’s one of the most painful parts of labor and delivery when giving birth. And I know from experience because I’ve done it twice! Any mother knows, it is the most painful but also the most productive of the labor process. You gain new focus, a new resolve to get busy with the process of birth itself. You are closer now to the reward of childbearing that ever before. And that reward is holding that beautiful baby in your arms!!Mom-holding-her-baby-to-help-it-stop-crying

What’s Important to God?

I have always been astounded at what is important to God. That’s why I hate religion! And I believe that’s why Jesus hated religion too. It was because of how unlike God religion was in Jesus’ day. Always has been and still is today!

Forgiveness; It’s Not Cheap, but Why We Can’t Afford NOT to Give it Away!

I’ve done some stupid things in my life.

Some I laugh at and some, I don’t realize just how stupid until I am living in the regret of what I did later in life and it is quite painful. You see, the biblical truth of “you reap what you sow” is a natural law as well as spiritual but when it comes home, the pain is deep and sometimes irrevocable.

Build Your House, Build Your Nation


I think of my children often.  About as often as I take a breath or have a heartbeat. They are in my thoughts and prayers like breathing. It is impossible for me to think about life without thinking of them. And although they’re grown now with lives of their own, the relationships that have been built between us, since conception, can never be severed.

The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

cutcaster-photo-100884540-word-nurtureAll my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.

It is a longing so intense, it is almost impossible to suppress and much to my determination to balance it, “pow!” there it is, in all it’s desperate glory! I say “suffer” because the longing is so deep that to leave it unfulfilled is, indeed, a form of suffering.


This is the most amazing message I have ever seen a company champion. It is changing the worldview about girls, the way we think about ourselves and the way culture thinks about what it means to be “female”.  Millions have viewed it on you tube. Won’t you add to that number? You ought to check it out if you are a girl or a guy! Hopefully it will change you too. Take a look!