If I Knew Then What I Know Now…….a Lesson in Mothering

I have many things to be grateful for and of the lot, is the triumph that I raised three children; a daughter and twin sons. They are now grown with lives of their own, in which they are doing quite well.  From the bounty of their relationships, I also cherish a son in law and grandson!

Build Your House, Build Your Nation


I think of my children often.  About as often as I take a breath or have a heartbeat. They are in my thoughts and prayers like breathing. It is impossible for me to think about life without thinking of them. And although they’re grown now with lives of their own, the relationships that have been built between us, since conception, can never be severed.

The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

cutcaster-photo-100884540-word-nurtureAll my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.

It is a longing so intense, it is almost impossible to suppress and much to my determination to balance it, “pow!” there it is, in all it’s desperate glory! I say “suffer” because the longing is so deep that to leave it unfulfilled is, indeed, a form of suffering.