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Podcast: FAITH- Why Yours May be Working Better Than You Think (Kicking over some sacred cows)

If you feel like your faith has failed or that you have failed God in believing, then this podcast is for you. We'll examine exactly what God's Word has to say about faith and you may find out your faith is in better shape than you thought! Be encouraged! I invite you to share ...

PODCAST: Whose Life Are You Living? Yours or Someone Else’s?

Many times in life we can find ourselves living in someone else's expectation for our lives or our own and before we know it we become weary, lost and lack the passion in our lives we once had. This podcast will help settle you in a place of peace no matter where you are in ...

PODCAST: Stop Running From Who You Really Are!

Do you live your life for the approval of others or according to your own convictions and values? If you are stuck in "approval mode", this nugget of inspiration can get you out of the mire and on the road to embracing who you really are and want to be!!!