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The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

All my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.

Showing Up For Your Life

Have you ever felt like you are just not showing up for your life. Maybe you wear a mask to hide because of shame, imperfection or comparison. But know this: NOT showing up for your life can be detrimental to you and the world around you! WE NEED YOU!


The Transforming Power of Beholding God

EVERYTHING is necessary. All we taste, touch, see, experience. It’s all necessary. It serves one purpose… put us back in touch with Life and He Who is Light, Life, Love. Yes. Even the tragic things. The painful things. The questions that have no answers and the answers that don’t compute.


The “Beautiful You” Project – Personal Journal Entry

Journal entry: [As part of the “BEAUTIFUL YOU” project and it’s purpose, I thought it very fitting to disclose my own struggle with approval & validation, with this very personal journal entry.]  Date of entry: 2. 17. 14


Let Love……

Your love. Deeper than the darkest ocean. Touching my depths. Healing the wound that came when hearts turn away from you. Healing the hurt I never knew owned so much of my soul. It has to be deep, love,  to go down so far. To go down into the lost places. lost hope. lost love. lost sight. lost heart. How deep love has to be to … Read More Let Love……


Saved By Grace (Song)

In the shadows of shame I have hidden away Covered in the scar of sin that claimed me. In the darkest of nights I believed the lie That I could not be loved or embraced


GLITTER- PROOF (When Your Past Chokes the Light Out of Your Future) Part 2

This perpetual cycle of lies is one of greatest tactics of our enemy. Why? Because it works so well.


GLITTER- PROOF (When Your Past Chokes the Light Out of Your Future)

As I opened my eyes this morning and slumber left my soul, these words spoke silently to me: “Glitter- proof”. Now, I don’t normally think about glitter or work with glitter nor have I been near anything glittery for years! Except at Christmas time, hanging tinsel or lights. Ah, there was that Christmas decorating project last week. However, my fascination with glitter at the time … Read More GLITTER- PROOF (When Your Past Chokes the Light Out of Your Future)


DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? The Art of Truly Looking

I was having a moment today as I recalled a memory of my sister.


The “Beautiful You” Project…..Healing for the Souls of Women

  Throughout my life I have been and have encountered women who are hiding. Hiding because shame, abuse, failures and comparisons that keep them from expressing the fullness of their beauty and strength that God ordained for them. It is my passion to speak life into these broken places and see woman everywhere, from all walks of life break out of shame and take … Read More The “Beautiful You” Project…..Healing for the Souls of Women



It feels like I have been trying to find “home” my whole life. You know, like finding “center” or the “core” place in life when you feel, well….”at home”; where it’s all ok and safe and sure.

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