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BUILDING YOUR HOUSE/ Especially for Moms

  [REPOST] (This podcast is the most popular from THE WORSHIP LIFE) BUILDING YOUR HOUSE Have you ever considered that what you do as a mom is building your house? Building a foundation for the generations to come? Your mothering is significant beyond your own house because you’re building your house for all who come

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Understanding Our Value & Worth (The Foundation for Building Healthy Relationships)

In this two-part podcast, I talk about why so many of our relationships are filled with turmoil and we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Why so many of us feel like victims instead of victors….a wound that I believe exists in the understanding our worth as human beings that many of us

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Fighting the Battle of Self-Rejection

Self-rejection is a taboo subject because it contains so many implications. Yet, millions of us, the majority, women, engage in this practice daily. Some to very severe degrees to the point of eating disorders, domestic violence, drug additions, self-mutilation and self-abasement of the worst kinds. In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the origins

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