Saying Goodbye

In this podcast, I share the importance of “letting go” and saying goodbye to certain seasons of my life in order to embrace the new ones. I pray you’re encouraged to do the same things.

With the onset of the Christmas season, we revive our dearest holiday memories and they bring tremendous joy and cheer to our hearts. My favorites are days off from school with Christmas songs blaring “Joy to the World”, baking Christmas cookies with my mother and sisters. Christmas is a magical, spiritual time of wonder and awe; and can arouse our deepest joys.

But, for some, it can awaken deep sorrows. Bringing with it the recollection of what was/is good in our families and also, what was or currently is painful. In all of life, we experience the pain and the sorrow of our experiences but Christmas and holidays can be an exceptional time of feeling them both, very intensely.

Whether in the throes of Christmas and other holidays or the mundane of everyday life, these memories can be mingled together so much that you can’t experience the joy without the sorrow butting in. I’ve tried, laboriously, my entire life to divide the two to no avail. But I’ve learned that as the two co-exist in the same space, we can choose how much power we give to either.


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