Do you long to be known? But hide or minimize yourself because of shame? Or maybe you’ve made some heartwrenching mistakes and are finding it hard to forgive yourself or re-engage your life.

Hiding is a dark, damp place. Filled with nothing but regret, self-abasement, and loneliness. It’s not the life God’s called us to live! God’s called us to step out in all the glory He’s created us to be and shine, in spite of our past mistakes or wounds.


God doesn’t want to erase your past but He wants to heal it and integrate it into your story so you can move forward! I’ve lived out a process I call The “Beautiful You” Project. It’s a project because it’s ongoing and progressive. It’s not a quick fix or magic pill. It’s a process of healing that involves awakening, accountability, and surrender!

The “Beautiful You” Project started out as personal journal entries, articles, songs, and poetry, that I penned as I walked out (and am still walking out) a healing process when God called me out of a life of shame and hiding. For many years of my life as a worship leader and minister, wife, mom, and follower of Jesus, I was hiding and riddled with shame and self-doubt. I knew the scripture, meditated it and prayed, but still struggled with deep self-doubt and shame. I ran from those feelings for years. It was a very lonely place. Not until I faced those feelings head-on was I ever going to be rid of them!

I had a deep longing to be known and at the same time, couldn’t bear for anyone to know me because of shame, but the Lord took my hand and said, “It’s time!”

It’s time for you too! It’s not easy, but it is possible!

If you’re ready to come out of hiding and start showing up for your life, I invite you to STEP INTO FREEDOM HERE!