It’s such an intangible thing; such a mystery! Though it’s often resigned to music, we know in our hearts and we hope that it’s so much more! And, when we collide with true worship, it transforms everything!

If worship is that powerful and beautiful, then why are we living our lives in shame, disappointment and striving to be worthy of God? Why are so many of us Worship Leaders living a life of worship off the platform that doesn’t live up to what we present on the platform, often times, losing our own fire for God in the process?

THE WORSHIP LIFE is all about busting to pieces, the lies we believe and tell ourselves about our experience with God. An experience that keeps us in a place of striving and performing to earn His love and acceptance instead of walking in the freedom He purchased for us through His Son, Jesus.

Worship that begins with God’s love for us, is the revolution! Love that doesn’t wait for us to get it together to demonstrate itself (Romans 5:8). But love that risks it all, lays down its life for the beloved!

It’s this love that is the foundation of our worship!

My life’s work has been serving God with the gift of music and writing to encourage and help people live the revolution that is the Love of God. My heart is to bring hope and tools to help you live a meaningful and Yes!, powerful life of faith; to bring healing in the broken and disappointed places of your life and to live in the glorious freedom of the love of God!! To say goodbye to striving and return to the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3) and trust that you are loved and accepted completely.

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