If Your Hand Causes You to Sin……

WalkWorthy196x196CUT IT OFF!!!

That’s what Jesus said! Not take it to counseling to figure out why it happened. Not sit down and discuss it with someone. CUT IT OFF!! Continue reading “If Your Hand Causes You to Sin……”

“Who am I”?

The question rages through the generations Continue reading ““Who Am I”?”


My Life Resolution………

imagesNDWYF8UJ I enter into this new year with a sense of sobriety in many things.

Continue reading “My Life Resolution………”

The Way UP is DOWN

Jesus said, “Unless you deny yourself, you cannot be my disciple.” Here, in this most recent post, I share one of the most intriguing scriptures in the Bible to me and perhaps how we are meant to walk it out.  Enjoy and SHARE!  

Be Brave, Bilbo

Pensive Ponderings


Every day we live is a page of the story of our epic adventure into life. We are protagonists moving forward into some glory or peril. This may sound over-the-top, but it’s true. We’re all Bilbo Baggins on some stage of the journey. Some of us have yet to be made uncomfortable by disrespectful dwarves and cunning wizards. Some of us are being enchanted by the song of long forgotten gold. Some of us are running out the door without our hats. And some of us are discovering we can be brave like we’ve never been before.

A great many of us get stuck before we ever hit the adventure. We’re smoking our pipes on our doorsteps, expecting nothing and pursuing nothing. We have no drive. We have not purpose. We have no forward motion. A lot of us are fine with that, but a few are becoming restless, and…

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imagesVB3OTIXJCould this whole thing be about love? I mean, could a Divine Father truly be longing for His children to the degree of death? Not a romantic idea of death, but an actual powerful event of deepest sacrifice and longing to ransom a son/daughter out of the clutches of an enemy bent on their destruction? Continue reading “COULD THIS WHOLE THING BE ABOUT LOVE????”

Depression is NOT a sin!!

When people of faith struggle with depression sometimes they can feel like they have lost their faith and like they don’t love God as much as people who seem not to have a care in the world. These feelings can cause us to sink deeper into depression and is actually a lie of the enemy to cause us greater distress.

Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!


This is the most amazing message I have ever seen a company champion. It is changing the worldview about girls, the way we think about ourselves and the way culture thinks about what it means to be “female”.  Millions have viewed it on youtube. Won’t you add to that number? You ought to check it out if you are a girl or a guy! Hopefully, it will change … Read More #LikeAGirl

If You Don’t Plant, You Can’t Reap a Harvest

hands-with-plant-2What is it about our nature that wants it ALL and wants it all NOW? We know full well that it’s not possible but that doesn’t stop us from trying to attain it. Take any situation, whether it’s getting out of debt, losing weight, getting fit, learning something new. We don’t want to go thru the process we just want to be there. If we don’t see results quick we are tempted to give up and throw in the towel. Continue reading “If You Don’t Plant, You Can’t Reap a Harvest”


Compassion and Change

1280-sheltr-app-homeless-philadelphiaAt various times, I have walked among the homeless in our great city. Well, really, we all have. Some occasions I have touched them, hugged them, fed them, talked & prayed with them and watched them as they live and move around us and as they sleep. Compelled to do something to change the situation they are in. Angry because SOMETHING should be done. But, I am learning and my observation is this: They are not have nots, they are want nots. Continue reading “Compassion and Change”

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