I love to share my life and faith and inspire people to greatness. Even when I’m not “officially” doing it at an event or in a service, I still have a passion to see people’s hearts turned to God and living in His fullness.

In that passion, is an intense longing to BREAK DOWN WALLS and BUILD LIVES. Jesus came to bring freedom, not religious bondage and I’m all about breakin’ some chains!

Through the grace given to me in music, this blog and events and opportunities, I hope to accomplish that. It’s part of my calling. Actually my calling is to seek God wholeheartedly and live a life that honors Him. Out of THAT calling, comes all the things you’ll find here.

I pray you are encouraged and inspired. I pray you find hope and healing in the music and inspirations here. And most, I pray you are connected to the heart of the Savior, Jesus and transformed, forever!

Thank you for visiting.


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