If you are a worship leader or involved in any capacity in music ministry in the Church, I invite you to take a moment and read this article.  You may already be aware of these truths, but if not, they are, perhaps, the most crucial in your ministry of worship to the Lord and as you lead the Body of Christ!

(1) WORSHIP is not about our music, it’s about our allegiance! (loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. Loyalty , faithfulness, fidelity ,obedience, homage, devotion.) I tremble in my heart every time I sing the song BAPTIZE MY HEART….”I pledge my allegiance to Jesus” (IHOP Misty Edwards) because the weight of what I am singing is tremendous.

It’s not about being a rip-roaring Christian, standing up for your rights and fighting a physical war of strength,as some would imagine when singing that song. But it’s about staying true to the Word of God and His commands. Living in the love of Christ to be a slave of all and surrender our will to the will of the Father, even to the death. Those are powerful words to sing and we should stand in fear and awe of the very implications of them.

 cropped-cropped-picture21.jpgWe must understand THE POSTURE OF WORSHIP!

(2) Our enemy doesn’t want our song, he wants our allegiance! He wants our obedience. He wants our worship. He wants us to profane God’s Word through our disobedience in order to draw, not just us, but the world away into deception and despair. Simply put, WORSHIP IS OBEDIENCE!

Anytime we confuse an “act” of worship with “worship” itself, we can be deceived. Many have called worship “music” or the time of corporate “worship” and the music as our worship before God. Or “dance” is our worship. Some understand the ministry of “worship” to be about a praise team and band or dancers or instruments, etc. These may all include “acts” or “expressions” of our worship, but they are not worship in it’s essence (the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features).

The ministry of worship is our lives before the Lord, daily, in every moment in obedience to Him. I get it. I understand music is what “worship” has become in the Body, but that is not the biblical mandate to “worship”. At times, we even “worship” worship, and the music and the artists who bring the music.

Yes! Music is important and part of our priestly service to God and the history of our forefathers bears that out, especially in the dispensation of King David. However, God Himself declared that if our hearts were far from him, our ministry of song and sacrifices would be useless to Him. [Amos 5:21-24].

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