Author: Crisie Hutchings

BUILDING YOUR HOUSE/ Especially for Moms

  [REPOST] (This podcast is the most popular from THE WORSHIP LIFE) BUILDING YOUR HOUSE Have you ever considered that what you do as a mom is building your house? Building a foundation for the generations to come? Your mothering is significant beyond your own house because you’re building your house for all who come

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There’s an ache that keeps me up at night That wakes me In the deep of the fourth watch The silence is deafening Empty Quiet But I’m not alone I can feel Him Present Very near He’s there Keeping watch over my heart Keeping watch over the ache in my soul The loneliness that owns

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Unchained Tongues, is poetry with a purpose. There are stories of the bruised that cry out to be known. Voices that have long been silent. Lives untold, squelched by shame. Now, shame gives way to dignity in suffering and pain, hope in captivity and celebration of resilience! To honor the sacred, validate the truth and

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