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Across The Table

I don’t want to climb a ladder I want to sit across a table Look into your eyes And commune with your heart



I’m between.



I never learned to honor the woman that is me Rarely, if ever, did I see what it looked like


PODCAST/ 06.07.19

Letting go is hard to define. It means something different to everyone. This episode will help you take steps to let go of pain, trauma, and disappointment. With the help of the cross and grace, you can take this very important step into freedom from shame and live a beautiful life!   [I’d love to hear how this episode helped you. Please comment below … Read More PODCAST/ 06.07.19


In Celebration of My 58th Year!

I celebrated my 58th year of life yesterday! Congratulations to me! I’m still here! Although 58 is not that old, it may seem kind of bizarre to you for me to say “I’m still here”. But there is a reason that I’m very conscious of that every year. You see, I’ve had two sisters in the last 10 years pass away. One suddenly, due … Read More In Celebration of My 58th Year!


Saying Goodbye

With the onset of the Christmas season, we revive our dearest holiday memories and they bring tremendous joy and cheer to our hearts. My favorites are days off from school with Christmas songs blaring “Joy to the World”, baking Christmas cookies with my mother and sisters. We used to make “whoopie pies”! Do you know what whoopie pies are? If so, I want you … Read More Saying Goodbye



THIS IS A “MASK FREE” ZONE! Which means, we check our masks at the door and walk in the reality of a life of faith that is sometimes, messy, disappointing, not easy to understand and FILLED with questions.


The Obstacle to True Belonging

If you’ve ever minimized yourself for someone’s approval or to “belong”, you may not have experienced true belonging at all. Find out why in this week’s podcast post. Jesus never made Himself small in order to belong, because He already belonged, in the Father’s heart. You can experience that same belonging which will pave the way for true belonging among others. Check it out … Read More The Obstacle to True Belonging


The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

All my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.


Our Great Need to Lose Ourselves

There is a real need in our world to know God. The need is not great just in the world but in our churches. We preach and proclaim the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  and Jesus, but rarely are we in touch with that God.

Podcast: What’s It To You?

If you ever look at what others are doing with their life or their calling and wonder what’s up with yours, this podcast is for you.


When You’re Nobody

(My blog today may not seem very encouraging. It’s my attempt to be known and my reaching out to others who might be in the same place as me. You are not alone!!) Have you ever felt like nobody? Invisible? Unseen? Unknown? Have you ever felt like the world is moving forward without you? Without your gift to it? Without your impact on it? … Read More When You’re Nobody

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