Category: Emotional Health

Understanding Our Value & Worth (The Foundation for Building Healthy Relationships)

In this two-part podcast, I talk about why so many of our relationships are filled with turmoil and we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Why so many of us feel like victims instead of victors….a wound that I believe exists in the understanding our worth as human beings that many of us

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“Present over Perfect”© is No Easy Path But a Must to Living a Healthy Life

Today began a long overdue re-read of the book PRESENT OVER PERFECT by Shauna Neiquist. If you’ve ever read the book you know it is a breath of fresh air and even more, it’s like a kiss from prince charming for a princess caught in a deep sleep of over performance and disconnection from her own heart

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FACING DISAPPOINTMENT. ….When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned

By this time in my life I imagined I’d be making lots of music, touring the world and writing books. But instead, I am lying in bed with who knows what going on in my body, hardly able to function at times because of dizziness that doctors have no answers for. I’ve been stuck with

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