The “Beautiful You” Project…..Healing for the Souls of Women

It has been my heart for several years to speak to the worth and value of human beings and identity. I began this project in 2015 and have since, revised it.  I have wrestled, personally, throughout life to embrace and love myself, and strongly believe that this struggle is not personal to me but universal to us all. I believe it is the central place of our brokenness and when healed, becomes a wellspring of life that can touch and heal the entire human race.

From the onset, let me clarify my unwavering belief that the healing of our souls, can only come as we are embraced in the beauty and love from which we came and that love is God, Himself. The One who dreamed us, created us, redeemed and reconciled us! From Him and through Him is our only place of life, beauty and total acceptance of ourselves and others! Women, especially are prone to discount themselves to severe degrees and since I am one, and have been there, I love to speak to our genuine worth in the Father’s eyes.

The “Beautiful You” Project is a series of articles, poems, song lyrics that I believe the Lord has given me to speak to the subject of image and worth in the souls of us all, men and women. But primarily, our experience as women, daughters, mothers and friends.


Let Christ be glorified in all!!



FACING DISAPPOINTMENT. ….When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned

By this time in my life I imagined I’d be making lots of music, touring the world and writing books. But instead, I am lying in bed with who knows what going on in my body, hardly able to function at times because of dizziness that doctors have no answers for. I’ve been stuck with needles more times than I can count, had test after test and spent money beyond what I even want to look at, to no avail. My hope wavers with varied degrees of exhaustion that I experience weekly depending on the severity. This situation has been going on, not for weeks or even months, but for years with this current episode being the longest and most unrelenting.

The Lie That Steals Our Beauty

*{The term “man” or “men” in this article refers to mankind=men & women unless otherwise specified}**********************************************************************

Do you know we have been fed a LIE? Not just any lie, but THE LIE. And that LIE has stripped us of our value to the lowest common denominator. Common is the operative word here. We have all made ourselves common to try and escape the question that rages inside of us. Who am I and what is my value? We have relegated our uniqueness to commonality so that no one feels less than anyone else and in doing so we all feel less than who we are created to be.

The Groaning

*{The term “man” or “men” in this article refers to mankind=men & women}**********************************************************************

Our world is broken and most of us don’t have to look too far from our own front door to know that! We revel in all of our industry, progress and wisdom and we are none the better for it. Only worse. More greedy. More corrupt. More isolated than we have ever been.

Taking Back Our Health!

American-DoctorsHealthcare professionals are wonderful gifts from God! They help us in trauma, and life threatening situations and can help us answer some of the most complex questions we have about our health. But we cannot get to the place where we give all of our power and choices for health over to them.

Depression is NOT a sin!!

When people of faith struggle with depression sometimes they can feel like they have lost their faith and like they don’t love God as much as people who seem not to have a care in the world. These feelings can cause us to sink deeper into depression and is actually a lie of the enemy to cause us greater distress.

The Power to Heal the World….. in this one Virtue!

cutcaster-photo-100884540-word-nurtureAll my empty nesting life, which has been about 10 or so years, I have suffered with a deep longing.

It is a longing so intense, it is almost impossible to suppress and much to my determination to balance it, “pow!” there it is, in all it’s desperate glory! I say “suffer” because the longing is so deep that to leave it unfulfilled is, indeed, a form of suffering.