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The Worship Life Podcast/ BUILDING A LEGACY

We think of legacy as wealth, land and possessions. And these are good things to leave behind, but what are you building in people that will live on beyond you? Are you building something that will affect the generations to come or die with you? This podcast will ask and answer that question for you! This podcast is perfect for parents because it will … Read More The Worship Life Podcast/ BUILDING A LEGACY



It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a podcast, but I had to share with you what God has been speaking to my heart about COMPROMISE. By stepping into the world of the prophet Jeremiah and exposing my own battle with compromise, I hope you’ll be provoked to stand in courage when God says “speak or go”!


BUILDING YOUR HOUSE/ Especially for Moms



PODCAST/ 06.07.19

Letting go is hard to define. It means something different to everyone. This episode will help you take steps to let go of pain, trauma, and disappointment. With the help of the cross and grace, you can take this very important step into freedom from shame and live a beautiful life!   [I’d love to hear how this episode helped you. Please comment below … Read More PODCAST/ 06.07.19


PODCAST/ 06.01.19

  Are you a people pleaser or crave other people’s approval. It’s ok to admit, if so. Healing can’t come unless we own up to where we are. This week’s podcast can help you and actually heal you if you put it into practice. I’m going to show you how to overcome in this area and live a more wholehearted life. So if you’re … Read More PODCAST/ 06.01.19


Fighting the Battle of Self-Rejection

Self-rejection is a taboo subject because it contains so many implications. Yet, millions of us, the majority, women, engage in this practice daily. Some to very severe degrees to the point of eating disorders, domestic violence, drug additions, self-mutilation and self-abasement of the worst kinds. In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the origins of self-rejection and some ways you can begin to … Read More Fighting the Battle of Self-Rejection


The Obstacle to True Belonging

If you’ve ever minimized yourself for someone’s approval or to “belong”, you may not have experienced true belonging at all. Find out why in this week’s podcast post. Jesus never made Himself small in order to belong, because He already belonged, in the Father’s heart. You can experience that same belonging which will pave the way for true belonging among others. Check it out … Read More The Obstacle to True Belonging

PODCAST: Walk As Jesus Walked….What Does That Look Like!


PODCAST: Parenting and Perfection…..a Deadly Mix

As parents, we have felt compelled to be perfect. We fear the judgments of others on our parenting skills and this can be deadly to our family relationships and the impact on your kids. We’ll discuss this on this week’s podcast of THE WORSHIP LIFE.

Podcast: What’s It To You?

If you ever look at what others are doing with their life or their calling and wonder what’s up with yours, this podcast is for you.

Podcast: FAITH- Why Yours May be Working Better Than You Think (Kicking over some sacred cows)

If you feel like your faith has failed or that you have failed God in believing, then this podcast is for you.

PODCAST: Whose Life Are You Living? Yours or Someone Else’s?

Many times in life we can find ourselves living in someone else’s expectation for our lives or our own and before we know it we become weary, lost and lack the passion in our lives we once had. This podcast will help settle you in a place of peace no matter where you are in your life and help you stop making comparisons! LISTEN NOW … Read More PODCAST: Whose Life Are You Living? Yours or Someone Else’s?

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