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The Older I Get “Isms”

The older I get the more I realize, you really can’t predict anything. Life is not certain in any place. Faith is paramount no matter what you believe. You can’t really count on anything except your fingers. You can rely on God to do what He wills. And He wills what’s best for us. Sometimes, what He wills is best and what we will … Read More The Older I Get “Isms”


Wrestling Death

Cannot this hope keep silent While I mourn still more Not ready to give up Not ready to sleep In peace that is calling my soul I’m crazy you must think To withhold from myself The soft light of daybreak The kiss of the sun To hold on to all that is left Left of her smile I remember Held in my heart a … Read More Wrestling Death


A Special Note to All My Subscribers & Friends

Hello friends. I’ll be taking some time off from social media and THE WORSHIP LIFE platform for a time of reflection and self-care that is long overdue. Publishing on all my various platforms will be in recess during this time. My hope is to re-engage  rested, invigorated and with renewed vision. Thank you for your patience and understanding and always for Your prayers and … Read More A Special Note to All My Subscribers & Friends



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The Bible Buffet

Has anyone noticed the array of Bible translations available to us today?  The buffet of scripture commentary and theology displayed for our spiritual enjoyment and growth? What is THEOLOGY after all but, “the study of the nature of God and religious belief”. The STUDY of God and religious belief. A commendable undertaking, to study God. But my question is, how does one STUDY God?


Finding Myself in You-The Most Beautiful Place on Earth!

Finding myself in you is the most beautiful place on earth! God, I love, I adore, I worship your beauty, your heart of grace!


Holy Interruptions

Guest Blogger: Tasha Tubbs I want to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Tasha Tubbs! She is a fellow blogger, but more than that, has a calling to author and share the Word of God. Tasha and I met as we attend the same church, but over the years God has caused a divine connection to happen of … Read More Holy Interruptions



I used to believe that life was certain or that I could orchestrate events to make it that way.


The Church is Alive & Well!

My hope was renewed today as I looked out over a congregation of believers from the choir loft! “What Love is This”, by Kari Jobe had just been ministered by our Performing Arts department and I’d venture to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including mine. I pondered the morning’s events in my heart. This was my first time singing in choir … Read More The Church is Alive & Well!


Do You Have the Courage of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What do Moses, Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. have in common? What sets them and others along side them, apart from other men and women in history who have accomplished great things? Those who’ve demonstrated tremendous feats of courage and bravery and toppled kingdoms and won victories?


What is Faith anyway????

How many expressions have you heard that use the word “faith”? “Keep the faith”, “where is your faith?”, “leap of faith”, “act of faith”….and many more. Well, what is faith, anyway?? I have come to some conclusions about “faith” that I want to share with you and encourage you in your FAITH!

Transition….It’s Not Just a Stage of Labor…It’s a Stage of Life!

T-R-A-N-S-I-T-I-O-N It’s one of the most painful parts of labor and delivery when giving birth. And I know from experience because I’ve done it twice! Any mother knows, it is the most painful but also the most productive of the labor process. You gain new focus, a new resolve to get busy with the process of birth itself. You are closer now to the … Read More Transition….It’s Not Just a Stage of Labor…It’s a Stage of Life!

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