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PODCAST: Walk As Jesus Walked….What Does That Look Like!


The Church is Alive & Well!

My hope was renewed today as I looked out over a congregation of believers from the choir loft! “What Love is This”, by Kari Jobe had just been ministered by our Performing Arts department and I’d venture to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including mine. I pondered the morning’s events in my heart. This was my first time singing in choir … Read More The Church is Alive & Well!


Do you have a “True North” and What is it?

Faith shapes us all. Whether we believe in the existence of God or not, we still have beliefs or personal creeds we live by. And those beliefs shape our lives. They motivate our behavior, the dreams we dream and ultimately the lives we live. Personal beliefs come from our culture, the environments we are raised in and life experiences and when these are our sources, those … Read More Do you have a “True North” and What is it?


Identity in Christ; It’s More Than Security, It’s Ownership!

Why do we allow what has happened to us to become our identity? We drown in the failure of others to affirm or love us as we constantly struggle with the truth that we are loved and accepted by God. Unable to assimilate that His approval is the only approval that matters. We let our past, our failures and mistakes dictate our present and future and they drown out the … Read More Identity in Christ; It’s More Than Security, It’s Ownership!

Jesus is Not Religion| He is Emmanuel….God With Us!!!

In this video I will share some thoughts on what I call the Christmas wars and encourage us not to lose the meaning of the weight of words that mean LIFE to us. It’s time to celebrate Christmas again!!!!  

Settling the “Christmas” Issue

Ok….I have a pet peeve and here it is: We are deep in the Christmas season with only two more weeks until the big day and that means… media posts about saying “Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays” and taking “Christ” out of Christmas, etc.  And although I get the motivation behind the posts, I do not stand in defense of them because Christmas needs no defense and I’ll tell you why.


Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

The day was marked in time. The moment planned from the foundation of the world. “Behold, the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world!” John’s words rang from eternity and into the hearing of all those surrounding his revelation of Jesus Christ at the Jordan. [John 1: 29-32]

The Power of Music!

It’s been said, music is the universal language. I don’t know who coined the phrase, but it appears to carry a lot of truth! Artists can travel around the world singing to those who don’t speak their language and still be just as powerful as they are in their native land. Why? Because song has power!



“My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside roaring like a lion.” This was a song written by Daniel Bashta made popular by David Crowder Band and Newsboys. A song of revival and spiritual revolution. When I think about all the revolutions in the earth and our country, they started with a voice! A declaration of sorts.


“Thy Kingdom Come!”

God is returning community to ministry. The way it began in the book of Acts in the Bible. Actually, in Genesis. If you look at it, God always began with an individual or a family; Abraham, Noah. A community of people or person who loved and served Him. With these, He would change the world!

What’s Important to God?

I have always been astounded at what is important to God. That’s why I hate religion! And I believe that’s why Jesus hated religion too. It was because of how unlike God religion was in Jesus’ day. Always has been and still is today!


The Posture of Worship

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