This week while studying God’s Word, the Lord brought me to 1 Thessalonians chapter two to an amazing portion of scripture where Paul was talking about his conduct among the believers and those he led and did life with.

He was entrusted with the Gospel to bring it to them and he began to talk about his conduct in that trust with them and several of those things jumped off the page to me. At that moment the Lord began to teach me about how I am to lead as a steward of His people and what He’s entrusted to me as a worship leader and director of the ministry.

In my podcast this week, I talked about it and it was so good that I have to share it with you here!! Whether you’re a worship leader and any other kind of leader, this information will help you lead well!!

Please comment if it blesses you! Have a great day!!!

Ten Things Worship Leaders Should Exhibit If They’re Going To Lead Well…That Have Nothing To Do With Music.

Written by Crisie Hutchings

Crisie Hutchings is a wife, mother, songwriter and worship leader who writes, sings and speaks about Jesus, purpose and the love of God! She pens deep, honest songs, in prophetic tone, that declare the supremacy of Christ and wrestle with our questions about God, life and pain. Along with transparent inspirational writing and speaking, she weaves the story of her redemption and declares hope & love that transforms a world . Crisie and her husband, John share life w/ three adult children and their families. She leads worship at Covenant Love Church in Fayetteville, NC.

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